Bringing Hard Life

You won’t believe how hard it was!

Shortly after returning to Vivaldi Community, I started thinking I should also bring my former My Opera blog here. I had it migrated as a legacy version to Word Press but, never felt WP was the right place for it. Here at Vivaldi, at least there are some people who were also around at My Opera community.

So I started to investigate how best to bring my original blog here, not as continuation but a legacy version I could refer to when I talked about my good old times at My Opera (I’m senior now. I’m allowed to do that.) After looking through forum and found a thread by the old Chuck (who else?) about creating a second blog. Seemed I would have to create a second account to do that, then join in as a contributor. Sure. Easy enough. I thought. How hard can that be?

Of course everything I do turns into a hard work or involves a piece of hardware. That’s why my blog was called Hard Life. Here’s how hard it became to bring Hard Life back:

  1. Created a new Viv account (wasn’t hard, though I had to make an inquiry first)
  2. Created a new blog (easy enough, and without a problem, this time)
  3. Invited myself (this account) as a Contributor
  4. Wrote a post by overwriting the auto-generated compulsory first post with some unwanted stuff (now things getting a bit rocky)
  5. Got the new blog banned as spam (2nd time, in fact)!
  6. Managed to get released (was soon enough, knew the drill by now)
  7. Took time to regain composure
  8. Finally opened the Import tool and started importing WP export file
  9. Crash!
  10. Went away sulking
  11. Sulked for 8 months
  12. Decided to give it another go. This time, I noticed the WP export file exceeded the Import tool limit of 5MB. Hmm. Why didn’t I spot that before?
  13. Went back to WP and had to perform 3 separate exports
  14. Came back and performed import of the first WP export file
  15. Freeze!
  16. Disappointed and dispirited, almost given up but, reloaded the post list and, yay! posts are here!
  17. Continued import and got all posts in the new home, finally!!

Now time to feed the cat and fix myself tea (meaning evening meal). TTFN :chef:

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  1. Sorry for the trouble, we want to help you overcome these struggles!
    Please reach out to us via so we can help you further. Send us your files by replying to the automatic reply you’ll receive or use and we’ll help to import your content. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Gaëlle. No problem. The trouble was well worth it and all are good now.

    In addition to bringing my old blog back, I have now decided to resume my personal blogging on this blog (a lot more downtime due to coming lock down), and I have your help and support to thank for it.

    Thank you again.


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